An officer in the United States Air Force and Security Chief of a restricted military base, Carol Danvers gets caught in the explosion of a vibrating Kree “device”, gaining superhuman abilities, becoming the hero Ms. Marvel. Initially she crews in with the farm league superhero team the Defenders before assisting the Avengers against the robot villain Ultron. Afterwards, Tony Stark invited her to “Temp” with the Avengers when legitimate members needed to take Vacation time or sick-leave. During this period Carol became an excellent Receptionist,Coffee Barista, and Dry Cleaning collector. After a seemingly simple altercation over a pair of thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots with the disguised mutant terrorist Mystique, Carol’s boyfriend Michael Barnett is murdered by Mystique; resulting in a life long rivalry between the two women that last to this day. Coming to the defense of her foster mother Mystique, the mutant X-Men Rogue permanently absorbs Carol’s abilities and memories seemingly killing her. This would be the first in a long string of multiple deaths, proving that she, as well as Jean Grey and Jesus have mastered the power of resurrection. During an adventure in space with the X-men, Carol is horribly burned in a Brood Tanning Booth. Loosing both her beautifully fair skin and blonde hair, she decides to call herself Binary, in conjunction with her new appearance and her sexual orientation. The Brood Tanning Booth did have a positive side effect granting Carol new powers. Drawing on the power of a cosmic phenomenon called a white hole, Carol becomes capable of generating the power of a star. But after Operation Galactic Storm, she lost her connection to the white hole she drew them from, reverting to use of the original Ms. Marvel powers, but retaining the energy manipulation and absorption powers she had as Binary, albeit on a smaller scale. After coming back to life again, Carol would rejoin the Avengers with the new alias Warbird. It was during this time that it is discovered that she had more in common with Tony than any one knew. Carol had became an alcoholic, struggling to come to terms with the loss of her cosmic powers and memories. Disgracing herself during the “Live Kree or Die” event by allowing Kree soldiers to do body shots off of her in the battlefield, Carol is soon suspended from active duty. While suspended, Carol focused her time and concentration on community service programs to help her get back to why she started being a super hero in the first place, to help others. She is single handedly responsible for creating and mentoring the “Super Scouts”, a youth organization for adolescent super heroes designed to build self-esteem and to teach values such as honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, confidence, and citizenship through selling Biscotti and Mocha Lattes door to door. Together with fellow Avenger Iron Man, Carol also became a principal advocate of the Superhuman Registration Act, feeling that super powered beings need to be more “responsible”, especially after the villain Nitro blew up Stamford, Connecticut when the New Warriors crashed his annual Bad-Ass Bad Guy Barbeque. At the conclusion of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn is placed in charge of the registered Avengers team. Refusing to serve under someone who’s constantly calling her “Hot Lips” and “Jugs”, Ms. Marvel quits and joins the New Avengers, until Osborn is removed from power after the Siege of Asgard. She is currently back as a member of the Avengers, when she is not enjoying herself on her leisure time in Toronto. As powerful and intelligent as she is stunning, Ms. Marvel’s opinions often go unused and unheard by the rest of her fellow teammates, much to her frustration.

  • Name: Carol Susan Danvers
  • Birthday: January 5th
  • Education: US Airforce
  • Major: Extensive Espionage Training, Nuclear Physics, International Diplomacy, Flight Training, Microsoft Word
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Book: How to Talk So People Listen
  • Favorite Movie: Top Gun, Independence Day, Charlie’s Angels, 27 Dresses
  • Favorite Food: Steak, Cheeseburger
  • Favorite Quote: “Actually, the Absorbing Man was a good idea”

*Ms. Marvel is played by Miracole Burns



  • Al August 12, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    So freaking glad she kicked that Warbird alias when she did, that was ridiculous

  • Christopher Davis September 19, 2011 at 6:23 am

    So Disney’s Avengers on-line animated series (Mightiest Heroes) has a second season adding Ms.Marvel? AT LAST! 35 years of waiting and she finally gets a role other than two different one episode shots as a victim. One in the 90s X-Men animated series, one as just normal Carol Danvers in the first season Disney animated series of last year (but also showing her getting her powers!) I like to think our own Ms.Marvel here has done a little to flesh her out in the public’s eye, since I doubt very much she’ll be getting to Hollywood anytime soon. Way too many names ahead of hear. And since Green Lantern didn’t catch on as much as hoped (too crowded a field at the time of its re;ease, I suspect), backers will be more leery of less recognized names, even ones that have been around as long as Carol. I mean, 1967? Marvel Superheroes #13


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