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  • Name: Namor McKenzie
  • Alias: Sub-Mariner
  • Birthday: October 4th
  • College: The Seven Seas
  • Major: Marine Biology
  • Favorite Song: Surfin’ USA
  • Favorite Book: Race and Intelligence: Separating Science From Myth
  • Favorite Movie: Waterworld, Deep Blue Sea, Big Fish, Jaws
  • Favorite Food: Frozen Fish sticks
  • Favorite Quote: “Let’s go skin some limeys!”




*Sub-Mariner is played by Vince Pisani

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  • Al August 12, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    One of the most naked superheros ever! The guy’s not modest is he? “Imperius Rex” must mean something like “narcissism”. Plus he’s got freaking wings on his ankles that are actually gills! I wanna be Namor….


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